by user Xtinct

From the smaller world of sports, the owner of Montgomery Maulers National Indoor Football League (think arena football without the NBC contract) has fired her entire team. After four players held a press conference alleging missing paydays, the owner then fired the whole team in a locker room that had to have more tension than a Cinco De Mayo celebration during an immigration backlash. Apparently there will be tryouts next week for an entire team. However, the coaches jobs are secure. The Maulers are currently 1-4.

I should have added this as a news item but then I thought about it....yeah, I'll just make an opinion on it since it is pretty trivial in the world of sports. I think I find this story more hilarious than anything else. I also think this is all Mark Cuban's fault. Owners getting too involved with GM'ing when they should be owning. I wonder if she (the owner) honestly thinks the team's success probability will increase with 100 new players that don't know the coaches system? At the same time, the coach is pretty new himself so I imagine his system is pretty flexible.

Too bad their games aren't broadcasted. I'd like to see their first game. Pure car wreck type curiosity.....


Fri 04/28/06, 11:15 am EST

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