by user Andrewop9

A cause for concern in the first month may be the New York Yankees bullpen, but I do think with very minor tweaks it could turn into a big plus for the team. Obviously, the closer spot is set, and I think Myers will be fine as the lefty specialist, even after the Ortiz bomb he gave up. Farnsworth is starting to show why he is getting paid the money he is, and needs to get used more in key situations. I think Procter has been a little bit of a surpise by not completely blowing up everytime out there, which leads me to Sturtze. Something is wrong with Sturtze, and it could be that Torre use him too much, but regardless he needs to be used less, and I would even bring Matt Smith back up and let him take Sturtze's spot in the bullpen, or even Colter Bean who has had a hot start in AAA. However, the biggest shot in the arm for the bullpen could be Octavio Dotel when he arrives either late in the month or June. I believe with the combo or Dotel and Farnsworth, along with Myers for lefties to get to Mo will be huge. It will turn games into 6-7 inning ball games for our starters, which will help keep their arms fresh for the playoffs. The Yankees being in first, by percentage points, is oviously great but with the bullpen being inconsistent and the bats being up and down it makes it that much better knowing that the bats will become more consistent, and help could be on the way for the bullpen.


Thu 05/04/06, 1:54 pm EST

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