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Will Clemens Play Another Season?

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Roger Clemens pitches at the Houston Astros minicamp on Monday, pitching to some minor league prospects. Now 43, Clemens is internally debating whether or not to pick up his glove for a 23rd season. Last year, he led the major with a 1.87 ERA, but late in the season his body broke down. He experienced back and hamstring problems, which were evident when he limped off the field after two innings in Game 1 of the World Series. Although, Clemens claims his back and hamstring have fully healed, he does not believe he has what it takes to last another season. Clemens' son, Koby Clemens, is a minor league infielder with the Greenville Astros, a rookie-ball (low-A) affiliate of the major league club.


January 30, 2006



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