by user Awrigh01

The Cincinnati Reds continue to mystify me. Can someone please explain to me why 2B Rich Aurilia is batting in the clean-up slot, before Adam Dunn and after Ken Griffey Jr.. It must be because of his power? Umm. Aurillia hit 14 HRs with 57 RBIs in 2005 and 6 HRs with 68 RBIs in 2004. Well, it must be because of his high career average? Mr. Aurilia batted .282 in 2005 and 0.245 in 2004. At the heart of the Cincinnati lineup, the Reds brain trust has decided to put a fantasy free-agent. What makes the decision worse is that the Reds have two of the games best mashers: Adam Dunn and Ken Griffey. Just look at Dunn and Griffey's HRs, RBIs, Slugging, and OBP for the past three season.

Dunn's Stats

<stats> Player=Adam Dunn Type=Batting Years=2003,2004,2005 Columns=Year,HR,RBI,SLG,OBP, Extras=Total </stats>

Griffey's Stats

<stats> Player=griffke02 Type=Batting Years=2003,2004,2005 Columns=Year,HR,RBI,SLG,OBP, Extras=Total </stats>

I know, I know . . . Griffey gets injured. But, this is the major leagues. Can someone please provide me with any justification for batting Aurilia in the clean-up spot?


Wed 04/12/06, 5:55 am EST

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