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The problem with Vince Young is that no other QB has played his game and been consistently successful at the next level. Look at how Michael Vick turned out, there is talk that the Atlanta Falcons would consider trading the guy if anyone was stupid enough to take him on.

The biggest issue is that QB is not an "athletes" position, yes having athleticism is nice but reading a defense is first and foremost. Young had a great rose bowl, but honestly it was all with his feet. Yes he made some nice throws but most were because he bought himself time. That just doesnt cut it in the NFL these days, sure it works for the occasional broken play but so far it has proven that Pocket QB's win Championships.

Consider in the last few years the amount of QB's that have gotten seriously hurt when running.

Drew Bledsoe

Remember the hit that Drew took that led to Brady stepping in and taking over the Pats. Well that doesnt happen often, the Pats were lucky they had Brady.

Michael Vick

Preseason game, goes and cracks his leg while running and goes down for nearly the whole season.

Daunte Culpepper

3 Ligaments in one knee, all cause he was running.

Kurt Warner

Last season with the Cards when he pulled up lame it was on a play where he was trying to scramble.

Kyle Boller

Turf Toe happened when he scrambled and got taken down from behind. Result- out 8 weeks, cost the ravens their season and probably his last chance at being the unquestioned starter. Im sure there are more, these are just the ones I can remember.

Now anyone with half a brain could point out that Palmer's injury happened in the pocket, that's not the point. Injuries happen anywhere but QB's have been devastated lately when they run the ball. So take all of that into consideration, tons of scary memories for GM's all around the league. Then Young does absolutely abysmal on his Wonderlic while Leinart goes and gets a 38 and wonders why his stock is falling? The guy has talent, but if you're a GM are you willing to essentially mortgage your Franchise, life, career on the chance that Young is different than everybody else before him? Personally I don't touch Young, sure his upside is huge but consider how ugly it could get?

People want to point to the Rose Bowl as an example, can anyone remember the last time a QB rushed for 200 yards in a game? Never, and it probably never will happen. Speaking of the Rose Bowl Leinart was clearly the most Pro ready QB. He stood tall in the pocket, completed 73% of his passes and looked like an NFL QB. Young could have double his stats in the Rose Bowl and Leinart would still be the absolute unquestioned #1 QB. So how far will Young drop?? With a good Pro Day he can still be a top 10, but if it isn't great?

Top 12 Will Not Take Young in the Draft

#1 Pick

Lets assume Houston takes Bush

#2 Pick

Brees is in New Orleans so they don't take a QB.

#3 Pick

Matt Leinart to Titans, pretty simple so far.

#4 Pick

Now lets say the Jets at #4 are going to try and go with Chadrick Ramsington at QB,

#5 Pick

Green Bay- No way they take a QB, I would be shocked. You cant use a first rounder on a pivot two years in a row.

#6 Pick

San Francisco- See above.

#7 Pick

Oakland - I hear Culter is their man, but an outside chance for Young. But if Oakland doesnt take Young then where does he go??

#8 Pick

Buffalo- Nope.

#9 Pick

Detriot- Nope.

#10 Pick

Arizona - Higle unlikely.

#11 Pick

St.Louis- Nada.

#12 Pick

Cleveland- Doubt it.

So, Where Does that Leave Young?

Maybe the Ravens at 13, maybe Vikings at 17. Also Seattle has offered there #31 for John Abraham and if that goes through and Young was available at 31 I could see the Jets jumping on him. Now I am not saying this will happen, but look at Rodgers last year he fell like a stone, wouldnt surprise me if it happened again this year.


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