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During the past 15 years as a New York Mets fan, I've found myself hating a lot of people. And when I say "people" I mean past and present members of the New York Mets organization.

  • Heck, I even hate Rey Ordonez for not playing well enough so we could call him the best shortstop in New York, or at least be able to put up a valid argument against Derek Jeter fans.
  • And who could not hate Mel Rojas. Benitez knows how to blow a big game but Rojas knew how to blow games of all magnitudes. Only Mel Rojas could have made me happy the Mets reacquired Bobby Bonilla.

Anyway, who do you hate??? Click on the player below and vote for him if you hate him the most. Or, add another player to this list by clicking here. This is a wiki after all.

Your Additions

  • Kenny Rogers. That walk... that terrible, terrible walk.
  • Willie Randolph. For being stupid.
  • Art Howe For sucking.
  • Steve Phillips: Not a player, but still needs to be shot.
  • Braden Looper
  • Richie Hebner Openly stated he wouldn't play hard.
  • Dwight Gooden: He sniffed away all his talent, had coked up sex with Daryl Strawberry, gave up that homer to Mike Scoscia and then goes to the yankess and proceeds to kiss up to everyone he could over there. Then gets himself arrested on numerous occasions and the media insists on referring to him as an ex-met.
  • George Foster always got on my nerves.. especially with those sideburns.
  • Roberto Alomar: for the career that went south faster than Bud Kilmer's
  • Vince Coleman 0% heart ... firecracker thrower.
  • Derek Bell for being a punk
  • Doug Sisk I still awaken in the middle of the night with cold sweats seeing Doug Sisk - ball one, ball two, ball three (and this was every batter). He did to my nerves what Don (Full Pack) Stanhouse did to Earl Weaver. My friend and I hate Doug Sisk so much that we curse Doug Sisk's mother for bringing Doug Sisk into this world.
  • Timo Perez- Run Timo Run, there's 2 outs, celebrate later!!!!! This play set the tone and blew the 2000 world series. Who the hell jogs from 1st to 3rd and raises a hand in celebration in game 1 of the series with 2 outs on a smoking line drive to left.
  • Jeff Musselman - for being traded for Mookie Wilson.
  • Todd Zeile - Q: Who's up after Todd Zeile? A: The other team.
  • Ray Sanchez- for getting a haircut in the dugout during the game
  • Steve Phillips- for being a consistent dumbass
  • Roberto Alomar- Bailing out from oncoming runners & pussyfooting his way around the bag on double plays? Say what you will, but this makes him hands-down the best Mets left fielder since Kevin McReynolds.
  • Juan Samuel- A bust that cost us Lenny Dykstra. This bum for Nails? Aaargghh!
  • Brett Butler for whinning about how he wanted to be traded because the Mets were having a bad year after saying how happy he was to sign when the Mets were the only team to give him 2 years. And for being a phony holy roller who stabbed Mike Busch in the back.
  • Pat Zachary, Steve Henderson, Doug Flynn, & Dan Norman for Tom Seaver...What the f#*k! were they thinking? no offense to those four players from the Reds, but c'mon. I guess sometimes you just got to hit rock bottom.
  • Mickey Lolich
  • Braden Looper for screwing up pretty much every game the mets were about to win in 2005, and smiling while he does it.
  • Mo Vaughn for draining a load of money from the mets while sitting at home watching the games.
  • Timo Perez for screwing up the one time the mets might of won the WS, against the yankees of all teams.
  • kris benson for having a really hot wife.
  • Kaz Matsui for sucking huge ass in his entire time as a met.
  • Jason Isringhausen, Paul Wilson and Bill Pulsipher for being the only thing Mets fans had to look forward to in the 90's. Thanks for the memories...wait there were none */
  • Rich Rodriguez for being the worst mop-up man ever. He would enter with a 10 run lead and five minutes later the tying run would be at the plate.

Your Votes

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