by user Awrigh01

From time to time in a fantasy baseball league everyone must discuss the rules. These rules exist to make fantasy baseball a game of merit, not of loopholes. ArmchairGM is here to help. We think you--passionate fans—should figure this one out.

Now, various styles of fantasy baseball exist: traditional 5x5, 4x4 Saber league, a points league, and a modified 5x5 league. Add on top of this, keeper leagues (a whole new game). Below list the categories. Write and discuss about the rules you think everyone should apply. How many position players? Innings Cap? How many starters? How many guys on the Bench?

Rotiserrie Baseball -- Better than Fried Chicken

Traditional 5x5

Saber League

Modified 5x5

Points League -- Its all about Digits


Mon 04/17/06, 4:57 pm EST

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