by user BMetts

Okay, so as a lifelong University of Kentucky basketball fan, I have my reservations about Eddie Sutton. Back in 1989, a recruiting scandal under his watch sent our program into NCAA purgatory: two years probation.

Now I'll admit, Sutton has done a great job in 15+ years at Oklahoma State: two Final Fours, a number of Big 12 championships. However, any respect I may have had for Eddie Sutton went down the drain last week when he made possibly the worst decision of his life: the decision to drink and drive.

Sutton's alcoholism was well-documented back in the 80s, as was his rehabilitation. It was thought that it was a problem far behind him, until last week, when he decided the pain was too much to bear. He was involved in a car accident, and now he is on medical leave from OSU. Now everyone is urging him to hand the keys to the program over to his son, Sean, but my question is, why didn't he hand the keys over when it really mattered? How stupid can you be?

The result of this situation is of course that Eddie Sutton's reputation is now tarnished, and Oklahoma State basketball may be stuck in the bottom of the Big 12 for years to come. It is unfortunate, but he brought it on himself.

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