Denham Brown just extended the Huskies season for another five minutes with an amazing shot. With his Huskies down two points and just under six seconds left in the game Brown received a pass on the wing and attacked the rim. When three George Mason defenders collapsed on him he patiently held onto the ball in the air and threw up a reverse lay-up with less than a second left in the game.

Kudos to Hilton Armstrong who restrained himself from touching the ball while it was on the cylinder. It's a good thing that Armstrong had enough self control to restrain himself because because Huskies fans would have lynched the kid if he had cost the team a trip to the Final Four next weekend.

Brown has been content this season deferring to Rudy Gay, Marcus Williams and Armstrong and it may cost him a chance to get drafted this spring so it was great to see Brown get his moment in the spotlight this afternoon.


Sun 03/26/06, 2:09 pm EST




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