FANDOM, an online sports simulation game that allows you to build anachronistic teams and face them off against those of others, has removed MLBPA player names from their database. As per the site, "active player union members and alumni union members, have had their player names adjusted." This change affects about 25% of their seasons.

WIS cites their inability to license the names from Major League Baseball Advanced Media ("MLBAM"). Last year, the MLBPA (Major League Baseball Players Association) sold exclusive licensing rights to players names to MLBAM. MLBAM has been unwilling to sell licenses at the same prices as MLBPA did in prior seasons. This has lead to litigation, with one fantasy games company filing suit (PDF file) against MLBAM, asking for a declaration that their use of names without a license does not violate the rights of MLBAM.


Mon 04/24/06, 5:40 pm EST



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