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Last week a fellow teacher passed a CD full of Raptors School Messages that have numerous members of the Raptors from the 2003-04 season talking about leadership, bullying, self-confidence and a bunch of topics that teachers can use.

Why do basketball fans care about this?

Because idiots like Vince Carter and Antonio Davis have clips on this CD that are hilarious now that we can see where their careers have gone.

The best clip came from Vince Carter who talks about being a leader on and off the court. In his clip Carter tells kids that, “as a professional athlete I work hard on and off the court. A leader must set a good example for others by having a positive attitude. I always come to practice ready to give 100 percent.”

Keep in mind this audio clip is from the same player who refused to play through nagging injuries during his time in Toronto and admitted to the media that he dogged it during his last year in Toronto.

For reasons I can’t fathom the Raptors had Davis telling kids about leadership. Davis tells kids in his clip that, “a leader must set a good example for others by having a positive attitude. I always come to practice ready to give 100 percent.”

This the same clown that demanded a trade out off town, who’s back forced the Raptors to buy out his contract and who’s wife tried to get into a fight with a fan during a game this season.

Another gem comes from Davis when he talks about bullies. Davis tells kids that, “I’m here to tell you that no one loves to play with bullies and bad sports. It is easy to get caught up in winning and losing, but remember it is important to play the game with a positive attitude and respect for both your teammates and opponents.”

There are so many jokes I could make here. Do I make fun of his wife who gets into fights with fans? Do I make a joke about the fact that Davis talks about not being a bully yet his wife is one? So many jokes, so little time. As my friends like to remind me, I’m not someone who can crack jokes so I’ll let you listen to these clips and let you post some comments below. Enjoy!

To listen to these clips head over to


Sun 04/02/06, 8:13 pm EST

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