It is but normal for an individual to feel nervous and anxious before and during the competition. However, if the athlete is not good at coping with these feelings, he may run the risk of losing in the competition.  This is why aside from undergoing those rigorous trainings for physical endurance and learning the techniques of the chosen sports, an athlete also has to learn the keys to coping well with competition anxiety. The following are some tips on how you can keep anxiety at bay and then focus more on winning the competition.

Perform relaxation techniques.

Relaxation techniques are too crucial for an athlete about to join the competition. Those days of trainings, coupled with the pressure to win can indeed cause anxiety among athletes. One way to keep these anxiety symptoms from hindering your goal is to indulge in a relaxation technique. The easiest to perform would be the diaphragmatic breathing. But, it has to be done properly to ensure that one reaps the expected results, that is, to be able to relax and keep anxiety at bay. Progressive muscle relaxation can also be another effective technique for coping with competition anxiety.

Learn to visualize.

Visualization is a technique that is also referred to as imagery. This is when an individual visualizes himself achieving his competition goals. One way to do this is to imagine yourself doing exactly what you should in order to come out as a winner. You have to visualize it with much clarity that it would feel very much real. To make it more effective, make sure to visualize everything from your own point of view and not from the audience’s or someone else’s perspective. Imagine not just yourself. But, you should also need to picture out the real competition atmosphere in your mind.

Practice goal setting.

Sometimes one’s anxiety is brought about by having a very lofty goal. This is why to lessen if not eliminate any anxiety associated with the competition that you are about to be involved in, make sure your goals are achievable. However, making it achievable does not always mean it’s too easy to the extent that you get bored and unchallenged. Achievable goals should also be challenging yet very possible. How to make it possible? Break them down into smaller, easier goals so that you will not be overwhelmed and become vulnerable to anxiety.

Improve your self-confidence.

It would be too difficult to overcome your anxiety during the competition when you know you do not possess all the necessary skills and expertise to win. Work towards improving your self-confidence by improving all your skills and knowledge. Keep on practicing and do not stop until you feel confident enough to bring home the bacon. But, always remember that even the most skilled and the most expert can also be defeated by someone who has the confidence to win. So, don’t just strive to have the skills and expertise. Don’t just be confident. Possess the skills, expertise and confidence and you’ll surely be the formidable and invincible one.