by user Timothy Moreland(Bball3345)

White Sox starter Jose Contreras recorded his 12th consecutive win on April 29th. Maddux has received a lot of attention, but Contreras has been the most valuable pitcher in the majors so far this year. He has posted a miniscule 1.45 ERA, while going deep into games. Three times he has gone eight innings, once he went seven, and only lasted six in his first start of the year. Like Maddux, the HR ball has not been an issue, as Contreras has only allowed two dingers. The main reason Contreras probably won't be able to keep this up is his low K rate. Contreras has only struck out 17 in 37.1 innings, which means he is relying a great deal on his defense and luck. However, if the White Sox can maintain their impressive defensive, then he has a shot to keep on being the ace. Still, Contreras has not allowed more than 2 runs in a single start this year, while lasting deeper into games than Maddux, putting less strain on the bullpen. If I were voting for an MLB Cy Young to date, then Contreras would have my vote.


Sun 04/30/06, 2:15 pm EST

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