Thankfully, mercifully, there is not much to write about on this subject this week. Brad Wilkerson appears to be turning his game around, as he only had 6 strikeouts this week to bring his season total to 37. On the season, that’s the fewest times he’s struck out in a five-game stretch.

Jonny Gomes, on the other hand, struck out nine times to make the strikeout race really interesting. He passed Adam Dunn to close Wilkerson’s strikeout lead to just 3.

This week, Wilkerson had three 2-for-4 performances, including one homerun, three RBIs and two runs. With that, Wilkerson’s batting average is up to .224, the highest it’s been since the third game of the season. His on-base percentage also improved from .260 to .289.

The one complaint that could be made would still be his walks. He walked only once this week, to bring his season total to 7. He has more than 5 strikeouts for every walk. Even for a guy that has a good career OBP, that’s pretty scary for someone the Rangers wanted in the leadoff position.

For the record, although Wilkerson’s strikeout pace seems to be slowing, he’s still on pace for a gaudy record. The target right now is 233.

strikeouts through 4/30/2006


Sun 04/30/06, 8:26 pm EST



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