Let me preface this for the naysayers by stating that I am happy to have Brad Wilkerson on the Rangers, and that I think he will turn his season around and be a great contributor to the club. Until then, however, how about having a little fun with the strikeout tear he's started the season on?

Tonight, Wilkerson racked up two more Ks. He now stands with an MLB-leading 23 strikeouts, five more than the two players tied for second place (Adam Dunn and Adam LaRoche). While compiling these strikeouts, by the way, he's compiled a .214 on-base percentage (compared to .415 for Dunn and .320 for LaRoche). Now, I understand the sample size is small. One can hardly expect Wilkerson to continue at this pace. However, if he were to continue at this pace, he would shatter the current single-season strikeout record (195, set by Dunn in 2004) with a mind boggling 287 whiffs.

As I said, he can hardly be expected to continue at this pace, but for now...well, we'll say it's some food for thought.


Sun 04/16/06, 9:18 pm EST



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