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I have to disagree with CBS SportsLine again. When it comes to the top tight ends in the country Leonard Pope and Joe Klopfenstein are my one and two. I see both of these guys having long NFL careers, Pope is in the Randy McMichael mold and Klopfenstein could be the next Jay Novacek.

Dominique Byrd is a beast. He has great hands and perfect size but attitude could be an issue with him. Marcedes Lewis, like Byrd, has the size and hands but seems to be a finesse type player. I think of Keyshawn Johnson and Lewis as the same type of player even though they play different positions.

What are your thoughts?


  1. Vernon Davis Maryland
  2. Marcedes Lewis UCLA
  3. Anthony Fasano Notre Dame
  4. Leonard Pope Georgia
  5. Joe Klopfenstein Colorado
  6. Tony Scheffler Western Michigan
  7. Dominique Byrd USC
  8. Jason Pociask Wisconsin
  9. Anthony Mix Auburn
  10. T.J. Williams N.C. State

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Thu 03/30/06, 12:15 pm EST

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