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Here are the Top 10 running backs according to CBS Sportsline. While I have endorsed Reggie Bush as the best NFL prospect around since personally watching him and the USC Trojans dismantle my Sooners in the Orange Bowl in 2005 I do wonder if LenDale White is the second best prospect out there.

I’m not trying to discredit White in any way because I think he has a great future in the NFL but if you are a GM would you take him next after Bush? I think I would take Lawrence Maroney or Maurice Drew over him. Who would you take?


  1. Reggie Bush USC
  2. LenDale White USC
  3. Lawrence Maroney Minnesota
  4. Maurice Drew UCLA
  5. DeAngelo Williams Memphis
  6. Gerald Riggs Jr. Tennessee
  7. Leon Washington Florida State
  8. Joseph Addai LSU
  9. Taurean Henderson Texas Tech
  10. Mike Bell Arizona


Wed 03/22/06, 9:47 am EST

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