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Eva won't be smiling at the Spurs for long.

Tony Parker put his foot in his mouth this week with recent comments where he referred to his girlfriend as being old. When a reporter for the San Antonio Express asked Parker about Tim Duncan’s birthday this week, Parker told the Johnny Ludden that “he’s the same age as Eva (Longoria). That’s old.”

I could rip on Parker for jokingly calling a hottie like Eva old, instead I’ll focus on the heat he’ll receive from his girl. I know how much heat I get if I offend a girlfriend in general conversation, can you imagine how much heat Parker will face for calling his girlfriend old to members of the media? With a brain dead comment like this he’ll be in the doghouse for awhile.

So much for that theory that the French are smooth talkers and ladies men.


Thu 04/27/06, 7:00 am EST

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