Tony Drago (born September 22, 1965) is a professional snooker and pool player from Malta. The highpoint of his career was when he won the 2003 World Pool Masters Championship. A combination of exceptionally fast play and an emotional temperament has made him one of the best-loved characters in snooker.

Drago's fast play has earned him the nickname "The Tornado". In 1993 he recorded the fastest ever best-of-9 frames victory by beating Sean Lanigan in just 34 minutes. In the 1995 UK Championship, he made a century break in just 210 seconds against John Higgins.

Drago once achieved a 149 break, believed to be the second highest break ever made, in a practice match at West Norwood Snooker Club, against Nick Manning. It is possible he would have won more tournaments were it not for his main aberration: playing shots with the rest. Most professional snooker players dislike the rest, but view its use as a necessary evil; some of Drago's misses when using the implement in important matches have bordered on the farcical, and have certainly cost him victories. Drago has also managed to be unfortunate enough to be in two matches where maximums were scored against him, once by Jimmy White, and another by James Wattana.

Drago's highest world ranking position was number 10 (in 1988). He reached the quarter-finals of the World Championship the same year (he has appeared in the tournament 11 times more, most recently in 2003/2004), the final of the Mita World Masters in 1991 (losing to Jimmy White), and the final of the International Open in 1997 (his only ranking event final, beaten by Stephen Hendry).


Tournament Wins



  • World Number 1: Never
  • Highest Ranking: 10 (1988)


  • Century Breaks:
  • Highest Break: 147


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Tony Drago

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Professional Career: 1985-

Date of Birth: 15/11/1965

Place of Birth: Valletta

Nationality: Template:Team Malta

Nickname: The Tornado

Current World Ranking:

World Ranking Event Titles: 1

Other Titles: 0

Rivals: None

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