Doctors recently diagnosed Detroit Tigers reliver Craig Dingman with an artery tear in his right shoulder, making it likely that he will miss the whole season. When playing catch with a teammate on February 6, 2006, Dingman lost all color in his finger due to a lack of circulation from his elbow down. Tiger's trainer Kevin Rand said that the condition was very rare. Dingman is on blood-thinning medication and is prohibited from doing any upper-body workouts until doctors figure out out course of action. He can still do lower-body conditioning to help stay in shape. Dingman was expected that he'd have a bullpen spot after he finished last year with a 3.66 ERA in 32 innings

Craig Dingman's Stats

<stats> Player=Craig Dingman Type=Pitching </stats>


February 19, 2006



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