Born 1971 Dalton, Ga. 

GHSAA defensive player of the year 1988-1990-91 Class AAA defensive player of the year 1988-1990-91 All state defensive player of the year 1988-1991 Tri-state defensive player of the year 1991


1988-(111- solo tackles)~(8-interceptions)~(5-sacks)~(3 defensive T.D.'s) 1989-(76- solo tackles)~(2-interceptions)~(10-sacks)~(5 defensive T.D.'s) 1990-(117-solo tackels)~(5-interceptions)~(21-sacks)~(2 defensive T.D.'s) 1991-(126-solo tackles)~(10-interceptions)~(12-sacks)~(8 defensive T.D.'s)


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Thomas Sloan

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Position: Strong Corner Team: Dalton High School Uniform Number: (17) High school (25) college Years in League: 0 Age: 35 Height: 6'1" Weight: 225 College: University Of Arizona Selection:

Drafted By:

NFL Debut:


Date of Birth: 11-21-1971 Place of Birth: Dalton, Ga.

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