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On May 1, 2006, the Schaumberg Flyers (of the Northern League, an independent baseball league) traded pitcher Nigel Thatch to the Fullerton Flyers of the Golden Baseball League.

In exchange, the Flyers received ... beer. One pallet -- sixty cases -- of Budweiser.

Seriously -- see the transactions link below.

The Schaumburg Flyers' official news archive has a story about the trade. It turns out that Thatch is "Leon" of Budweiser-ad fame. He made three starts for the Schaumbergers and four other appearances, and finished with an 0-3 record.

Thatch is not on the Fullerton roster, but they apparently do have a real coaching staff. (So, that's where Charlie Hough and Garry Templeton ended up.)


Wed 05/10/06, 7:34 am EST



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