Many people in the U.S.A look at soccer as just a sport where kids play, where moms who stay at home take there kids to games. But its far more bigger than that. Soccer is the biggest sport in the world. It is played in more countrys than football,baseball,basketball,etc. The age range in America goes from 5-30 or higher who play. For fans its more like 12-50. Since MlS isn't as big as other leagues in the world, Americans cant get into it. MLS was founded in 1996 and is very young, and doesnt have the amount of money to bring big names like Cristiano ronaldo, Wayne rooney, Frank lampard etc. So many Americans who enjoy the game of soccer watch leagues like, The barclays English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, The serie A in Italy, German bundesliga in Germany and so forth. For soccer to be big in American people need to accept that its a growing sport and will soon over take popular sports like baseball. Baseball has gone down the drain since the steroid invasion and is loosing interest at a fast pace. But the one thing that gets me is why people make fun of the sport when they have never played, watched, or had any background knowledge of what its about. If your a teen in highschool and play soccer your a stereotype for football players, basketball, and baseball players as a homo. For what reason? No known knowledge of the game. They see that it is a sport from England and assume that it is gay, which its not. For running over 45 min straight to a 10 min break and back to running 45 min straight, it is a physically demanding sport. Also when people are trying to break your legs, hit you in the face, and other things that can harm you, it is a very tough sport. Tougher than sports like baseball, and basketball. The fact is that soccer need to get respect in America and it just doesnt. This is my rant of the day thanks


Sat 04/15/06, 10:42 am EST


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