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by user Alex Holowczak

I have read that new owners in Anaheim could get rid of the Mighty Ducks franchise, because everyone associates it with a film, and is hence, a negative thing.

I disagree. Many people where I live in England started to take up a vague interest in Ice Hockey BECAUSE they were called the Mighty Ducks, and supported them because they'd heard of them.

If you were a British fan, wanting to support the NHL, who would you support? You wouldn't live near a team, you wouldn't have a favourite player, etc.

The Mighty Dicks' name is important to the globalisation of Hockey in countries that are developing Hockey nations, e.g. Switzerland, Ukraine, Britain (to a certain extent).

This also helps the national Elite League, as people become aware of such a League's existence, and then can support a local team. As interest increases, the sport will get more media attention, and more players will take up the game.

So in conclusion, Anaheim should keep the Mighty Ducks name, whether it be Anaheim Mighty Ducks, or Mighty Ducks of Anaheim, as long as they keep the name alive.


Tue 05/09/06, 11:59 am EST

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