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The Wake of the Arroyo Trade: Lenny DiNardo Likely Gets a Shot

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I don't know if this is an appropriate place for this - but check out the following post from The Lenny DiNardo Blog at They pitched together. They rocked together. The babysat the World Series Trophy together.

But today, Bronson Arroyo is a Cincinnati Red. On a personal level - most Sox fans are probably a little aghast. The guy took a hometown discount to stay with the team, and their response was thanks, but now we have too many pitchers... On the Lenny level, he's probably upset that his closest friend on the team is gone. But that said, with Bronson out of the picture (read: bullpen), that opens up another spot...and I would have to think that Lenny takes that spot to start the season.

On an unrelated level, the Sox will never get another hometown discount. Ever. Turns out that Johnny Damon knew what he was doing after all. To make Bronson feel better, pick up his CD (Lenny is on backup vocals).


Mon 03/20/06, 7:27 pm EST

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