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The UN Security Council indicates to the canada goose chilliwack Libyan Qaddafi time stock's large quantities of arms and ammunition's whereabouts worried. On October 31, the Security Council through the consistent resolution, appealed that the Libyan government takes all unnecessary measures to prevent the munitions to proliferate. It is reported that this draft resolution canada goose solaris proposed by Russia that the draft believed that Libya large quantities of portable antiaircraft missile can still pose the threat to the air-carrier aircraft. It is reported that UN Security canada goose vest Council through this resolution said that munitions and each kind of related commodity, particularly portable surface-to-air missile, if in Libyan and this local proliferation, has the possibility to encourage the terrorist activities, carries on the activity including “the Islam Magrebe Al-Qaida”. The Security Council appealed that the Libyan government takes care of the munitions and each kind of related commodity properly, and is related each plan through the execution, fulfills Libya's under international law munitions control, the disarmament and the nonproliferation duty. The Security Council appealed that Libyan and its neighboring country impediment by the highwayman weapons proliferation, is prevented these weapons to fall the Al-Qaida or in other extreme Armed wing's hand. Qaddafi time many stock weaponry when the NATO air raid is destroyed. But the officials indicated that very difficult to expect actually also has how many weapons to scatter in outside. United Nations Secretary General Libyan question specially on behalf of Ian•Martin on 26th when the Security Council attends the conference said that is in power the period in Qaddafi, Libya becomes in the portable air defense system weapon non-producer country to store up this kind of weapon most countries.

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