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On November 1, the Majlis will hold the cheap canada goose open meeting, discussion impeachment economical Minister a Haosaini document. Before this, the Majlis Presidium also receives the request which 73 congressmen sign jointly to interpellate president's bill. The analyst believed that the Iranian canada goose banff parka Government faces at present this crisis and last month to make public bank deception case related, possibly also has the more government senior officials to be involved in this document, but President Aihamaidi - in Judd, therefore is impeached the possibility is very small. The reason that Iranian congressman canada goose chateau parka proposed the impeachment economical Minister Haosaini's bill, the origin previous month insolation leaves the Iranian Bank large amount deception case, several state-owned banks are deceived in the short two years approximately 2,600,000,000 US dollars. After this document to make public, causes Iran public opinion to pay attention highly, but is related the person in charge actually to compete to shift responsibility onto others the responsibility, is causes the populace to government's intense disaffection. Under the ambient pressure, the Iranian judicial world has established take Attorney-General Jieyi as head's special case team, is responsible to investigate the bank deception case, at present includes the Iranian Central Bank vice president of the bank 33 suspects are arrested, senior officials and so on Iranian biggest bank National bank president to take the blame and resign. The Majlis also accuses economical Minister Haosaini to the banking system supervision not strength, therefore, initiated this impeachment activity. On October 30, 73 Iranian congressmen submit a proposal jointly to the parliamentary presidium, requests President Aihamaidi - in Judd to go to the parliament to accept the interpellation. Parliamentary Vice-President Baha Naer announced afterward that the bill was already sent out the parliamentary each Technical committee questionnaire to president's inquiry. According to the Iranian constitution, the parliament is authorized to interpellate, to impeach and recalls president and cabinet minister. The Iranian eighth parliament altogether has congressman 290, according to stipulation, if agreed that subpoenas president congressman the population to achieve the total 1/4, president must go to the parliament to accept the interpellation. This is Iranian congressman second time requests to the parliamentary presidium submission to interpellate president's bill this year. In June, 100 Iranian congressmen jointly sign request to interpellate president the bill, but were afterward partial congressman to abolish the signature, causes the signature population not to achieve the quorum, the bill is put aside. If Aihamaidi - in Judd accepts the interpellation to the parliament, will answer without doubt also and the bank deception case related question. At present what the people cared, president whether to be involved in the bank deception case? If Aihamaidi - in Judd in interpellation time displays not good, whether the Majlis does propose president the impeachment document? Since the first half of this year, because appoints and dismisses and aspects and so on political view at the human affairs has the difference, the Majlis criticize openly government administration is many times illegal. The Iranian judicial world initiates the attack “the deviation group” the movement, is arrested with the President's office relations close many officials. Bank deception case's to make public, “the deviation group” the movement closely is related with the attack. This causes the government and parliamentary, the judicial world relations unprecedented anxious. In order to alleviate the contradiction, Iranian highest leader Hameineiyi in July requests expert council chairman Mai Davee Kearny to coordinate establishes a high-quality committee, is responsible to mediate between administrative, legislative and the judicial three power difference. Moreover, Iranian president, speaker and judicial inspector general will start in the near future also to hold three people to discuss directly non-periodically. In these measure certain extent alleviated the administrative authority and legislative and the judicial world contradiction. In next March, Iran will hold the parliament election at expiration of office terms. Before the parliament election, avoids the domestic contradictory intensification, maintains the political power moves steadily, the building society auspicious atmosphere, conforms to Hameineiyi the consistent ruling style. The analyst believed that although present in Judd government faced with interpellation and impeachment awkward situation, but Hameineiyi takes the Iranian highest leader, always take mediates from all walks of life contradictory as own duty, he will avoid the domestic contradictory promotion with every effort by the outside use. Therefore before the parliament election, President Aihamaidi - in Judd the possibility which impeaches is very been at least small.

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