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I was reading through some sports articles yesterday and I came across a gem from Sam Smith. In his “Reader Q&A” section a reader wrote in to ask about the Bulls chances of obtaining Bosh. Smith told the reader that, “the Bulls would love to have Bosh. Everyone believed the Raptors would have to trade him because players haven’t wanted to go to Canada as many believe with the exchange rate you get only 80 percent credit on your statistics. Now with the change to Bryan Colangelo as GM and a full-court press on Bosh to stay with every imaginable perk until he resigns, I don’t see them trading him for anyone short of LeBron.”

First, I’m assuming you meant he would only received 80 percent credit on his pay, not statistics. Second, we pay our players in American funds.

While I’m glad that mainstream journalists are finally realizing that Bosh will be here long term, it’s still frustrating to read an article in a major newspaper like the Chicago Tribune that is horribly written.


Thu 03/30/06, 4:52 am EST

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