by user MetsJetsDevils

John Abraham is a monster...when he plays. He wants a long-term contract, but the Jets are reluctant to give him one, especially with their likely impending move to a 3-4. Thus, Abraham, who was tagged by the Jets, is likely on the move. Whoever gets him will get an unbelievable speed rusher who can dominate a game when healthy but always seems to get injured at the worst times (i.e. the playoffs). He was drafted 13 in 2000 and has been a pro-bowler basically every year he was healthy. One would think his value is at least where he was drafted. I would doubt the Jets get a top 10 pick in return, although Detroit is rumored to be interested. Realistically his value should be in the 10-20 range. However, the most common rumor is John Abraham going to Denver, who has two first round picks, for the 29th overall pick. Is this where he ends up? Is this fair value? should the Jets bite the Bullet and sign him to a long-term contract?


Mon 03/13/06, 6:53 pm EST

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