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During the past couple of months I’ve ragged on the Knicks for adding yet another shoot first point guard at the trade deadline, for dealing Antonio Davis away for a player with a bigger salary cap burden in Jalen Rose, the Larry Brown against Starbury fiasco and when Brown tried to demote Nate Robinson to the D League.

All of these things are small, trivial things that are great punch lines for Knicks jokes.

Things have taken a turn for the worse in Gotham and the situation in New York is quickly losing any hint of humor.

On Sunday night the team was blasted by Detroit who rested their subs for the majority of the game. In the first quarter the Pistons jumped out to a 40 to 18 lead before they elected to rest their starters. In comparison, Toronto was able to hold Detroit’s starters in the game until halftime and the Raptors were able to escape with a win against the Pistons.

Adding to the upset stomachs of Knicks fans this weekend was a report in the NY Daily News that says Brown has a loop hole in his contract that will allow him to “retire” from the Knicks for health concerns at any time but will allow him to accept a head coaching position at the college or NBA level. According to the Daily News, “The Knicks took out an insurance policy on Larry Brown’s record contract last summer to protect the club in the event that Brown is forced to resign for medical reasons, a league source told the Daily News. The language in the contract does not preclude Brown from taking another NBA or college job should the Hall of Fame coach and the Knicks sever ties, a scenario that is gaining momentum with each passing day. Brown, 65, is in the first season of a five-year, $50 million contract.”

So, in essence, Brown could be paid $50 million for the Knicks to coach the team for one year and help guide the team to the worst record in the Eastern Conference.


That’s enough to make me sick to my stomach and I’m not even a Knicks fan.


Tue 04/18/06, 3:44 am EST

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