by user Madproof9

Congratulations Houston Rockets, you are the best losers in the NBA. On Sunday afternoon's game in Los Angeles, the Rockets, down by 16, did something for the fans; not their fans, the Lakers fans. With around 8 seconds left, and the rockets with the ball, they picked up the ball, and held if for the remaining 8 seconds. No drive to the net. No three point shot. No effort at trying to make the score a little bit better.

Every night is a potential free taco night in LA. If the Lakers hold their opponents to under 90 points, everyone in the crowd receives two free tacos from Del Taco. With six minutes left, the Rockets had scored 80 points. With three minutes left, they were up to 84. With two minutes left, they were up to 86. With one minute, they were up to 88.

"Lets go tacos, lets go" was all that could be heard from the fans. It got so intense, that the announcers on TV started to comment how they could only hear chants for tacos. When the camera focused in on Houston's players on the bench, you could see them mouthing the word "tacos" to each other, with a questionable look on their face.

A few missed shots later, the Rockets had the ball with 8 seconds left in LA territory. The chants for tacos were getting louder and louder. Enter Stormile Swift, Lakers fans savior. Swift picked up the ball, and held it for the remaining 8 seconds. The crowd went wild. Swift smiled. Free dinner for Mr. Nicholson and his Lakers faithful, courtesy of the best losers in the NBA.


Tue 04/04/06, 11:29 pm EST

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