by user Spencer

Steve Yzerman. You say his name and every player can tell you that he is one of the most well-respected players ever in the NHL. He has done so much for the city of Detorit, it's fans world wide, and for the franchise. He is one of best leaders ever to be in sports, maybe the best. Whether it's blocking a shot, killing penalties, or scoring a overtime thriller, Yzerman has done it all and won it all in this league. But now, after twenty plus seasons, The Captain will most likely retire. It will be a sad day when he does announce his retirement, for the league will have lost one of its greatest players and embassadors. It's too bad that game 6 against the Edmonton Oilers was his last game. It would have been better to see him go out a stanley cup winner once more, or even to make to game 7 at home at least. Every Detroit Red Wings player should apologize to him for falling apart and not playing up to their potential. So I take this opportunity to say goodbye to Stevie Y if in indeed this was his last game. He plays with so much class, leadership, and through pain that nobody can compare. Steve Yzerman will go down as not only the greatest captain in sports, but also the savior of the Red Wings franchise. So I say once more, thank you Stevie for all that you have done.


Wed 05/03/06, 4:42 pm EST


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