Terry Tate: Office Linebacker was a series of short, rather funny TV Reebok TV commercials based on a short film pilot created by Rawson Marshall Thurber in 2000. Tate was first shown at Super Bowl XXXVII, and was considered one of the best commercial spots to air during the Bowl. The short films feature Lester Speight (as character "Terrible" Terry Tate) as an NFL linebacker giving out pain to those in the office who are not obeying the rules.

Originally Reebok produced 5 episodes in 2002 with another one Terry Tate, Office Linebacker: Sensitivity Training being made in 2004.

The taglines include "The pain train's comin'", "You kill the joe, you make some mo'", "Cu'z when its game time, it's pain time!", "Don't bring that weak stuff up in this humpty-bumpty" and "Woo-woo!"

One ad even has a reference to the movie Office Space -- something about cover sheets on TPS reports.

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