by user Chachi

  1. Mussina vs. Schilling - Are both vets for real this season or will the wheels start falling off soon?
  2. A-Rod vs. The baseball - Was last night the start of some weird defensive problem for him? Will he right the ship tonight? Is he another Knoblauch?
  3. Whether Johnny Damon can finally get a hit against his former team. If he goes 0-fer again watch and listen for the boo-birds.
  4. How many times they reference Babe Ruth, Bucky Dent, Aaron Boone, and 2004. ESPN loves beating this dead horse.
  5. How many times Chris Berman talks about, and sucks up to, Barry Bonds despite the fact that Bonds isn't even playing in the game he is covering. I'll put the over/under at 7. (And I just know Berman's going to be doing the game tonight just to torture me.)
  6. And if Berman is doing the game, watch for how many times he and Morgan start prattling on about something and totally ignore the action on the field. (I'm actually thinking of making a Chris Berman broadcast into a drinking game. The world needs this, he'll be more tolerable if everyone's slightly inebriated.)
  7. Mike Myers' psyche. He gave up the bomb to Ortiz last week and he has to be able to get lefties out, especially Papi, if the Yankees are going to be around in September and October. Now would definitely be the time to get a morale boosting out against Papi as he is currently in a bit of a slump.
  8. Right field. An adventure right now for the Yankees with Sheffield on the DL.
  9. Jorge Posada. He has a career .444 average against Schilling and the Yankees are going to need the veteran catcher to help spark the offense and call a good game against the powerful Boston lineup.
  10. George Steinbrenner. If the Yankees play anything like last night, his head may explode.

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Wed 05/10/06, 11:01 am EST

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