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by user Swampnutz

The flipside of the ten worst, in one man's humble opinion.


UC Santa Cruz Banana Slugs: This version kinda looks like a full condom ready to burst, but the concept is cool nonetheless.

Four huskies

Washington Huskies: Pretty sleek looking, plus they bring out an actual dog for football games.


Notre Dame Fighting Irish: Can't deny the fightin' leprechaun.


Arkansas-Little Rock: Wouldn't wanna fight a guy that looks like this...


BYU Cougars: This cat's about to rip you a new one.

New mexico

New Mexico Lobos: And so is this dog.


Gonzaga Bulldogs: Fierce or cute like the Looney Tunes character? You decide.

Utahstate logo 2003

Utah State: I'm not sure whether he's about to make sexual advances or kick my ass, but the design is interesting.

Neworlns 100

New Orleans Privateers: It's a pirate. Need I say more? Arrrggghh.


Fri 03/24/06, 9:56 pm EST

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