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In the process of creating this site, I got to see a lot -- a lot -- of university athletics logos. And there are some terrible ones out there. Here are ten that have to go, with my reasons why. These are in no particular order.

Disagree with my judgment?

Saint Louis University
First what is a billiken? And why is he winking?

DePaul University
All your base your base, base, base, all your base, are belong to us.

Stetson University
It's a pun. It's a pun. It's a pun.

Virginia Military Institute
My kid -- five months old -- could have drawn that. With his pureed fruit. In fact, I think he just did.

California State University, Long Beach
I'm going to draw a line in the sand about this one. (Oh, dear.)

Cleveland State University
Home of the Martian Vikings. You know, the ones who settled Newfoundland.

University of Missouri-Kansas City
Wasn't there a movie made about this? And wasn't it awful?

Oral Roberts University
I can't tell if it is a chicken or a fuzzy whatsit. Even worse, I can't tell if it wants to fight or waltz.

University of San Diego
What. The. Heck.

San Jose State University
Yay for the sun god! For he is a fun god! Ra Ra Ra!

And, because this one goes to 11:
Central Connecticut State University
I now understand why this devil is blue.


Sun 03/05/06, 10:40 pm EST

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