So we all know things are pretty tense between the Mets and the Nationals right now. True, there were no fireworks yesterday, but we knew coming in to the series that tonight’s game has the greatest powder keg potential.

The reason, of course, is that Pedro Martinez, he of the 3 hit batsmen against Washington last Thursday, will be back out there on the hill this evening.

In the run up to this series, there was a lot of machismo flexed, a lot of chests pumped, a lot of tough words spoken. If Pedro beans somebody, Cliff Floyd has said he considers it a foregone conclusion that there will be a fight. Jose Guillen said that "it's going to get real ugly" if Pedro beans him again.

So with that in mind, I thought we’d compare the two squads position by position so as to determine which side would have the edge should any fisticuffs break out. Using the numerical position system, we start with the man in the center of the controversy…

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Wed 04/12/06, 11:34 am EST


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