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by user The Franchise

I think everyone is overplaying this whole "TO will trash the locker room in Dallas". Look TO is not a stupid guy, yes he is boisterous and has a big mouth but my guess is that he has learned his lesson. Lets not forget that as soon as he was deactivated he apologized and said I just want to play football, unfortunately he had burned that bridge.

TO has had some time to consider this and probably realizes that:

  • "Hey I am 32 years old, and unless I break every physical law this is probably my last chance at a big payday" (Cudos to Jerry Jones by the way, giving TO a contract that has the potential to pay him more money than any other receiver is brilliant!! Is there a better way to keep a TO in line?)
  • "Everyone thinks I am a turd, and if I am honest with myself I have been. Now I have an opportunity to prove to everyone else that I am not the a-hole everyone thinks I am"
  • "If I play 3 more years at a high level I am a sure fire Hale of famer, and that is pretty cool"
  • "The cowboys are perfect for me, I have a speedster on the other side of me and a QB who LOVES to throw it deep"

If TO goes and screws up in Dallas well then he is a turd, but I don't think so. I think TO had his mid life crisis a few years too early and acted like a prick for 3 years. He realizes what he can get away with and what he can't.

Also how are teams going to defend Dallas? This makes them a hell of an offensive team, Glenn, Whitten and TO?? Throw in a running game from a combination of Jones and Barber and wow, this team has some punch. A parcells team always plays tough D but they are going to score 28 points a game this year!!

All of this is hearsay though if Bledsoe gets hurt, then this will get ugly.


Sun 03/19/06, 12:47 pm EST


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