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Almost a year ago, five Major League Baseball players appeared in front of the House Government Reform Committee to talk about to testify on performance-enhancing drugs. It appears that four of the five players will not be on a major league roster this year. Mark McGwire and Jose Canseco retired after the 2001 season. Sammy Sosa rejected a deal by the Washington Nationals this past month and his agents say he is ready to retire. Rafael Palmeiro will likely not see his name on a roster once early April rolls around after testing positive for the 'roids after denying accusations by the media and lying in front of Congress. Curtis Montague Schilling is the only player to testify infront of Congress that is still in the game.

Obviously Palmerio was caught, but Sosa and McGwire never were. Both Sammy and the "Mac Attack" were actually small when they both started their young major league careers. Something had to happen to gain that much muscle mass. McGwire's arms were bigger than most people's heads. A bit of an exaggeration but it truly is not far off. So since they were never caught redhanded do they deserve to be in the hall of fame of not?

So I ask you, which of these players should and should not be in the Hall of Fame?

My Scorecard

Mark McGwire - YES

<stats> Player=Mark McGwire Type=Batting </stats>

Sammy Sosa - YES

<stats> Player=Sammy Sosa Type=Batting </stats>

Jose Canseco - NO

<stats> Player=Jose Canseco Type=Batting </stats>

Rafael Palmeiro - NO

<stats> Player=Rafael Palmeiro Type=Batting </stats>

Curt Schilling - YES

<stats> Player=Curt Schilling Type=Pitching </stats>

I believe you are innocent until proven guilty even though Sammy and Mac did something to bend the rules.


Sun 03/26/06, 11:37 am EST

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