Mrs. MILLER. Yes, Mr. Chairman, perhaps just a question. I appreciate all of the panelists coming here today sincerely. But in your book you did admit you were a user and abuser of steroids, and you did suggest that perhaps steroids were a good thing for players to use. I think you said in your book if properly used, steroids could help you to live to be 120 years old.

Unfortunately during your playing career, baseball did not have the testing policy in place against the use of steroids, no testing regime.

I want to applaud you for your testimony today saying that you are willing to work toward educating our young people about the dangers of steroids, but could you answer, even if the new random testing policy that the Major Leagues are putting in place today, if that was in place during your playing career, do you think it would have changed your behavior in regards to steroids, or do you think that the desire to play better is just so strong that the standard that is going to be in place today is going to eliminate steroid use in Major League Baseball?

Mr. CANSECO. I don’t know how the policy for Major League Baseball is structured right now, but I heard it’s a complete joke. Obviously if there were a proper system completely educating athletes and so forth, I truly believe that no Major League player would do steroids.

Mrs. MILLER. My understanding of the new policy is that it is a random test, at least one time during the season for each player. And I suppose we will have additional questions for the next panel. Thank you, Mr. Chairman. That is my only question.

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