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Steroid Testimony: Questioning by Congressman Major R. Owens

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Mr. OWENS. I don’t want to repeat what my colleague asked before. I want a clarification. He said if the industry can’t clean this up, are you in favor of Federal legislation? I think you gave a positive answer. I want to go one step further and say baseball is an industry, it’s a business. It’s our favorite pastime. In most instances, we have failed in attempts to have businesses self-regulate themselves. There are few successes. Do you think it is possible that self-regulation will solve this problem?

Mr. SCHILLING. Yes. Absolutely.

Mr. PALMEIRO. I think it’s possible, too.

Mr. MCGWIRE. Me, too.

Mr. SOSA. I think it’s possible, too. If we work together, yes.

Mr. CANSECO. My honest opinion, not completely, but because we have brought this to light, it’s going to come very close.

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