Chairman TOM DAVIS. And as you know, we have invited you here because you have been an outspoken opponent of steroids in Major League sports.

Do you wish to make an opening statement? And thank you for joining the task force and cochairing it with Mr. Schilling.


Mr. THOMAS. Good afternoon, Mr. Chairman and members of the committee. My name is Frank Thomas, and I am a baseball player for the Chicago White Sox, a team I am proud to have been a part of since joining Major League Baseball since 1989.

First of all, Mr. Chairman, let me say that as an outspoken critic of steroids, I would like to work with the committee, Major League Baseball and the Players Association to warn everyone, especially young people, about the dangers of performance-enhancing drugs. Steroids are dangerous, and the public should be educated about them, and, in particular, parents should make sure their children are aware that steroids can be bad for their health.

I also believe the league and the Players Association have done the right thing by reopening our collective bargaining agreement and strengthening our policy on drug testing. I support this new policy as a very good first step in eliminating steroid use in the sport I love.

I have been a Major League Baseball player for 15 years, and throughout my career I have never, ever used steroids. Thank you, Mr. Chairman and member of the committee.

Chairman TOM DAVIS. Thank you very much, Mr. Thomas.

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