I'm sitting here watching SportsNet New York. Today is March 23, 2006, and Cablevision has (FINALLY) agreed to air the network. The New York Mets game tonight is rained out so they are showing a game from 9/17/86, Mets vs. Cubs, which was the Eastern Division Clincher. The Mets won the world series a month and a half later. I was at this game! I was 14 years old and my father and I were attending the game for free. Back in August 1986, I took photos of my 2 young brothers posing with a stuffed dog, all of which were wearing New York Mets shirts, and sent that photo into a Fuji Film contest. The honorable mention was 2 free tickets to this game - and who would have known that it would be such an important date in Mets History! I even got more than I imagined when, after Chico Walker grounded out to Wally Backman to end the game, the lower deck fans stormed the field. As I was on my way out of the stadium, a crazed fan handed me a piece of Shea Stadium dirt. I kept that dirt for years (even took it to school the next day for show and tell!) and eventually planted it in my front yard. It's a game I will never forget, and I'm glad that SportsNet is airing it on its "Debut" day for most of its viewers.


Thu 03/23/06, 6:09 pm EST


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