by user Bobo

La selección have had a very erratic record in the World Cup. In alternate competitions since 1982 they have reached the quarter finals. They even finished in fourth place during the 1950 competition. However, in so many others, they've either exited in the first or second round.

They were victorious in their very first European Championship (disregarding their withdrawal in the inaugural 1960 competition). Having been touted to win Euro 2004, the Spanish lost in the opening group stages, having reached the quarter finals in their previous two appearances.

Their current squad consists of English team representatives Pepe Reina and Xabi Alonso (among others) and other top stars Raúl and Albert Luque.

Spain's group consists of first-timers Ukraine and Saudi Arabia, teams against whom they should most likely overcome, as well as Tunisia.

And with their tendency to finish in the quarter-finals of competition, it's quite probable that they could do the same once again, taking their group stage opposition into account.

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