by user Xinoph

With tonight's postponment of the second of two Red Sox-Yankees games this week, Major League Baseball has created a bizarre situation. The Tuesday game was postponed to August 18, creating a double-header in the middle of a four game series in August between the archrivals.

Yes, you read that right: Boston and New York will have a five game series in Fenway in the second half of August.

This should create a unique dynamic in the divisional race, if both teams are competing for first place. The late-season four game series was already unusual, but the five game series will be totally bizarre. It should be quite a series, if neither team has fallen apart by August. In fact, it could be the deciding series in the race, even with Boston's last visit to the Bronx remaining on the schedule.

Those of you who aren't Red Sox or Yankees fans, expect to be totally sick of hearing about them from August 18 - 21. One of the games is already a national Fox broadcast; at least one other will likely be picked up by ESPN, perhaps more.

It should be interesting to see how all this works out. Yet one more wrench in the works of the A.L. East is Toronto, who might take away the second spot this year, if they can recover from their injuries. All in all, it should be a great very long weekend for baseball fans in August. Even if you aren't a Sox/Yanks fan, you should be able to appreciate a great, unique, meaningful five game series in August.


Tue 05/02/06, 4:42 pm EST

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