Alfonso Soriano has caved and is reportedly going to be the Nationals opening day LF. When Soriano realized he faced the possibiilty of opening the season on the disqualified list, thereby removing his free agent status, the one-time 2B decided that he would play left field for the Nats. Nats manager Frank Robinson said: "It's a relief for everybody, it really is . . . We get the distractions away from here and we can focus on baseball now and getting this ballclub tuned up and ready to go for Opening Day." The move will likely transform Soriano to an average OF, as opposed to an elite 2B

Soriano's 2003-2005 Stats

<stats> Player=Alfonso Soriano Type=Batting Years=2003,2004,2005 </stats>


Wed 03/22/06, 3:28 pm EST


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