Kim Roberts, a stripper who performed at a Duke University lacrosse team party initially doubted the story of a colleague who told the police she had been dragged into a bathroom and raped.

After defense attorneys released pictures of the accuser, and after both dancers' criminal records were leaked, Roberts now says she's not sure whether a rape occurred. She says she wasn't in the bathroom and she couldn't say who's guilty, but she thinks someone is guilty of something besides underage drinking. Ms. Roberts told a member of the defense team that she did not believe her colleague's rape accusations, defense attorneys said.

Defense lawyers say Ms. Roberts is changing her story to gain favorable treatment in a criminal case against her. She also contacted a public relations firm, asking "how to spin this to my advantage."

Ms. Roberts, 31, was arrested on March 22 — eight days after the party — on a probation violation from a 2001 conviction for embezzling $25,000.

The same day the grand jury indicted two lacross players, Roberts got a deal from the judge that she wouldn't have to pay a fee to a bonding agent.

This comes days after defense lawyers have said they have taxi and ATM receipts from one of the suspects accounting for his whereabouts during the time the alleged rape took place. Additionally, Roberts said that by the time the police arrived at the scene, the accuser was so drunk she couldn't say her name, address, or if she had been raped.


Fri 04/21/06, 1:40 pm EST



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