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A run batted in, abbreviated "RBI," is defined by MLB Rule 10.04 as follows:

(a) Credit the batter with a run batted in for every run which reaches home base because of the batter's safe hit, sacrifice bunt, sacrifice fly, infield out or fielder's choice; or which is forced over the plate by reason of the batter becoming a runner with the bases full (on a base on balls, or an award of first base for being touched by a pitched ball, or for interference or obstruction). (1) Credit a run batted in for the run scored by the batter who hits a home run. Credit a run batted in for each runner who is on base when the home run is hit and who scores ahead of the batter who hits the home run. (2) Credit a run batted in for the run scored when, before two are out, an error is made on a play on which a runner from third base ordinarily would score. (b) Do not credit a run batted in when the batter grounds into a force double play or a reverse force double play. (c) Do not credit a run batted in when a fielder is charged with an error because he muffs a throw at first base which would have completed a force double play. (d) Scorer's judgment must determine whether a run batted in shall be credited for a run which scores when a fielder holds the ball, or throws to a wrong base. Ordinarily, if the runner keeps going, credit a run batted in; if the runner stops and takes off again when he notices the misplay, credit the run as scored on a fielder's choice.

RBI Leaders

1 Hank Aaron 2297
2 Babe Ruth 2217
3 Cap Anson 2076
4 Lou Gehrig 1995
5 Stan Musial 1951
6 Ty Cobb 1937
7 Jimmie Foxx 1922
8 Eddie Murray 1917
9 Willie Mays 1903
10 Mel Ott 1860
11 Barry Bonds 1853
12 Carl Yastrzemski 1844
13 Ted Williams 1839
14 Rafael Palmeiro 1835
15 Dave Winfield 1833
Single Season
1 Hack Wilson 191 1930
2 Lou Gehrig 184 1931
3 Hank Greenberg 183 1937
4 Jimmie Foxx 175 1938
4 Lou Gehrig 175 1927
6 Lou Gehrig 174 1930
7 Babe Ruth 171 1921
8 Hank Greenberg 170 1935
8 Chuck Klein 170 1930
10 Jimmie Foxx 169 1932
11 Joe DiMaggio 167 1937
12 Sam Thompson 166 1887
13 Lou Gehrig 165 1934
13 Manny Ramirez 165 1999
13 Al Simmons 165 1930
13 Sam Thompson 165 1895
1 Barry Bonds 1853
2 Ken Griffey Jr. 1536
3 Jeff Bagwell 1529
4 Gary Sheffield 1476
5 Frank Thomas 1465
6 Manny Ramirez 1414
7 Juan Gonzalez 1404
8 Ruben Sierra 1318
9 Jeff Kent 1312
10 Luis Gonzalez 1251
11 Alex Rodriguez 1226
12 Mike Piazza 1223
13 Bernie Williams 1196
14 Jim Thome 1193
15 Carlos Delgado 1173

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