I am not sure if this has been covered, but if you follow world soccer then you know English striker Wayne Rooney was injured a few days ago. When the contact happened between him and a Chelsea defender no one really noticed it until Rooney didn’t get up. It was the 79th minute of the league encounter between Chelsea and Manchester United. Even after Rooney was carried off the field in a stretcher the field medical crew examined him and Man Utd’s coach, Sir Alex Ferguson says that, he wont be playing until Monday, thinking it’s a small sprain, nothing serious. After Rooney was examined by his doctor he had come time find out that the break he has got in the fourth metatarsal is a small fracture. Rooney is out for six weeks which makes him almost not eligible for the world cup and even if he gets out of a cast in time he won’t be the same player, which puts England in a tight spot for strikers.


Thu 05/04/06, 8:19 pm EST




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