With Josh Beckett's mostly stellar performance last night (the first inning was a little shaky) and a home run by RF Trot Nixon in the 7th, the Boston Red Sox were able to defeat the Texas Rangers 2-1. The victory gave Beckett a 1.29 ERA to start the season and a 2-1 record for the Sox.

The Yankees, meanwhile, fell to the A's despite amassing twice as many runs as Boston - the final score there was 9-4, Oakland. Chien-Ming Wang, in his first start of the season, last a little more than 4 innings, throwing 116 pitches in that time - as many as Curt Schilling threw over twice as many innings on Monday. Wang starts the season with a 3.86 ERA, and the Yankees with a 1-2 record.

With the loss last night, the Yankees fell to fourth place, behind the Toronto Blue Jays, while the Red Sox put themselves in second, behind the Baltimore Orioles. It is worth noting that Boston and New York are the only teams in the division to have played three games - but still, this is an occasion for members of Red Sox Nation, the first time in the season that Boston wins while New York loses.

So much for the Yankees' hot start.


Thu 04/06/06, 8:21 am EST



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